Bob the Copy Repairman likes to say he “hails from parts unknown.” This is actually his euphemism for having come to Landalor from a minimum-security prison in upstate New York where he “lived” for five years after stealing the entire pixie stick inventory of Honest Abe’s Honestly Delicious Candy Shoppe in Rochester. Bob was apprehended when he attempted to peddle the candy to undercover officers. To this day, Bob insists he had been selling marijuana. While in prison, Bob learned how to fix copy machines, refrigerators, and espresso for the warden. He also learned how to sell real marijuana. Bob came to Landalor as part of its Prison to Work to Prison Program, which was a misguided attempt by Landalor CEO Richard Johnson to gain “street cred.” Johnson was initially disappointed that Bob never went back to prison but has grown fond of his espressos, his repair skills, and his dime bags. Johnson still resents having to pay him.

Bob has a wife, who wonders why he can’t be more like Tim Allen, who served time in prison for selling “real drugs” before becoming a beloved family comedian. Bob also has at least twelve children, none of whom he is entirely sure are his, biologically.

Landalor gives him a reason to get up in the morning.