Biff was raised by German transgender nuns at the Corpus Christi Monastery in Menlo Park, California. Biff never attended public school. He learned everything he knows from the nuns and from the Bible. At the age of 16 he left the Monastery for Los Angeles where he got a job in the mail room of John Paul Mitchell Systems. Utilizing a mixture of hard work, determination, back stabbing, and sexual favors, Biff quickly climbed the ranks of the growing hair product company. By 1992 Biff was named vice president of the company and immediately used his new title to leverage a higher paying job at Vidal Sassoon. In 1995 Biff left his job and the hair product industry behind to invest in the rapidly expanding internet industry. All five of the internet startups that Biff invested in filed for bankruptcy before 1999 and Biff himself was left with very little to his name. He then made his fortune back by selling Y2K insurance to large corporations. Biff sold Y2K coverage to 1,452 companies and only 2 of them filed for help once the new millennium arrived. One of the companies that bought the insurance and then actually made a claim was Landalor Industries. Landalor had blown a fuse partying in the office on New Year's Eve. The Landalor team assumed that Y2K had crashed their computers. Biff arrived and fixed the fuse and charged them extra because fuses were not covered in their insurance policy. Dick Johnson hired Biff on the spot to be the company's CFO.