Ms. Prendergast began her career at Landalor Industries after completing a two-year internship at Baggins Box Company in nearby Appleton, Wisconsin. A graduate of the Katherine Gibbs School with honors, Ms. Prendergast went on to complete her BA in Business Administration, and finally her MBA in Human Relations from the University of Wisconsin at Madison while working at Landalor. She was the first recipient of Landalor Industry’s advancement program, the Robert P. Johnson Education and Retention of Budding Women Scholarship. With a 10-year career spanning HR from mall intercept interviews to SVP and Director of Human Relations at Landalor Industries; Ms. Prendergast received high praise for her handling of the Water balloon-Gate incident of 1999, the Hooter’s Jet Walk Out of 2000, and most recently the Class Action Sexual Harassment Lawsuits of 2005, 2006, and 2007.

Diane is known for her ability to nurture young talent, including those who are not related to or sleeping with Landalor executives. Her leadership in cultivating bright young talent, especially women, is known throughout the HR community. Diane is a member of HR Professionals, the National HR Society and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to HR Professionals. A Key Club member, she is also a noted public speaker with engagements at companies such as Shaft Brewery, Walla Walla Paper Company and the Cone Brothers Bra and Intimates company.

A proud owner of Missy the border collie, Diane’s other interests include kickboxing, recycling and collecting single malt whiskey. (Editor’s note: Contrary to recent press reports, Diane is not related to Deanna Pinned and Gassed of the Coyote Club.)