Sherry graduated in the Spring of 2001 at the top of her class with an MBA from Wharton as well as a law degree from UPenn Law. She worked for CitiGroup for three years after graduation, a relationship that ended in a bitter legal battle over discrimination and unfair gender-based salary practices. The case is ongoing, and though she has been blackballed through most of the corporate world as a result, she was able to get a job as an Executive Administrative Professional at Landalor (where she does the work of most of the executives and has turned what used to be the "secretary pool" into a well oiled EAP machine) to hold her over until the $15.2M lawsuit is finished, which she is certain she will win. She represents herself in the case, and she advises herself not to talk about it publicly. If you like to contribute to her plaintiff fund, please send money to her PayPal account at

Sherry has been engaged twice, and both weddings were called off after the bachelorette party. She's only had one great love in her life, who she has yet to be engaged to. She's a FaceBook junkie and loves reality television and Boggle. You can find her profile on,,,,,, and in the NY Times each week, or if you want to ask her out on a date, you can email her at