Herman Gilchrist, Esq., is Senior Vice President, General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer and Road Manager/Conditioning Coach for Landalor Women's Volleyball®. As Chief Compliance Officer he is responsible for the company's compliance with all federal, state and local regulations concerning the governance of large corporations. Before joining Landalor in 1996, he was co-founder and Senior Partner of Gilchrist, Habbibi, Goulden & Schatz LLC, prior to that firm's seizure by Federal marshals. Gilchrist, Habbibi served as Landalor's class action counsel in the landmark civil action which ultimately required the placing of locks on airplane bathroom doors and the placement of childproof warnings on plastic dry cleaning wrap. Under Mr. Gilchrist's counsel, Landalor continues to appeal that judgment.

Mr. Gilchrist is a graduate of the University of Haifa with a degree in Holistic Scientology and earned his law degree from Mexico City College Law School, Evening Division. He was admitted to practice in New York in 1990, and disbarred in 1996, re-admission pending. Civically, he is the founder of Torah Time, an organization that introduces the teachings of Kabbalah to prison inmates. He is a proud member and founder of the National Rifle Association, Boca Raton Chapter.