After attending Harvard for two years, Bob felt his skill set could be augmented more comprehensively in the free market. (Because of ongoing civil litigation, Bob continues to have no comment on the Kappa Gamma Sig sorority "wet-T-shirt death matches" that allegedly resulted in two fatalities and three teen pregnancies.) Bob finished his undergraduate degree online through the University of Phoenix and achieved a Masters in Biziness Administracion from Guadalajara Institucion y Biblioteca. Founder and CEO of the Pariah Group, a hedge fund that specializes in capital markets for exiled world leaders and Holocaust deniers, Bob was subsequently recruited by Landalor to run its Toxic Afterproducts Division in 1999. Known less as a "people person" than as a "person," Bob has risen quickly through the ranks at Landalor. He was named Chief Operating Officer last year after the previous COO stepped down to spend more time with his fellow inmates at Pelican Bay Penitentiary. Bob and his esteemed colleague Biff Vanderklamp were named Employees of the Year in '07 for spearheading the Chaxon Pharmaceuticals account, an effort that led to $2 billion dollars in billings as well as two fatalities and three teen pregnancies.