Richard “Dick” Johnson arrived at Landalor Industries after several self proclaimed successful years as a Chief Financial Analyst for Bear Stearns. He has been noted in the Wall Street Journal as the only analyst ever in history of the financial market with “no financial education or experience whatsoever, he just walked in and started yelling stuff.”

Mr. Johnson is actually unaware of what department he’s head of at Landalor but is sure that someday “some cute little thing will educate him.”

Mr. Johnson claims to have received his B.S. in “Frat” after a tour of many Universities, Colleges and Community Institutions. Where Mr. Johnson actually graduated from is unknown. When his colleagues are asked they grin stupidly and say “The University of Beer.” Landalor officially guesses either University of Miami or OSU.

Since joining Landalor Mr. Johnson has spearheaded many class action suits against our fair company. Some lawsuits include “The Blind Children of America V.S. Landalor Industries,” “The Blind Elderly of America V.S. Landalor Industries” and “The rest of The Blind of America V.S. Landalor Industries.” Mr. Johnson’s legal backround is unknown however he just walked in and started yelling stuff.

Mr. Johnson allegedly has several wives and a pug.